Kaylan is a photo stylist and graphic artist specializing in cosmetics and still life styling. Originally from Oakland, California, she studied graphic arts at the California Institute of Arts and worked in New York City as a designer before founding her San Francisco-based studio in 2014. Kaylan is an admitted workaholic and homebody, spending her free time on art projects and photo tests, ever on the lookout for new inspiration and interesting media that will help her create innovative visual solutions for clients.

Clients (advertising)

Form + Fiction, Google, Goop, Gump’s, HP, Izipizi, Kendo Brands, Kosas, Marc Jacobs, Memebox, Milk, Morphe, PAX, Red Bubble, Sephora, Schön Magazine, Ugly Bros, Walmart


Cera Hensley, Daniel Gies, Eric Herrmanne, Heesoo Kim, Howard Cao Marisa Rocke, Meiko Arquillos, Mike Kenney, Naomi McColloch, Nima Salimi, RC Rivera, Rob Prideaux, Susie Bryson